Classism is The Mother Of Racism.

The sooner people realize this the faster progress can be made in America. But I have a great fear we have become so infatuated with racism and the color of our skin that we have missed the real problem. Racism has become a major problem in America because we are taught to think this way by media and “The Man”. That is a separate problem for another day. Anyway I began reading a book a few months back called, “A People’s History of The United States” by Howard Zinn. I got the idea to read it after listening to J. Cole on the Combat Jack podcast. Well In this book the author describes how America was built and the motives behind the horrible things that happened.

The first problem the white people had was with the Native Americans which they killed in wars and with diseases to take their land. Not because of the color of their skin. They wiped out most of the Native Americans but not all. Next they had poor immigrants from Europe come over and they made them indentured servants which is slavery but they got treated slightly better. They were the same skin color as the people they worked for. Now there is the Africans that were brought here in trades with African kings but they were lied to by the white people. I don’t believe there would have been a trade if they knew the conditions their fellow African brothers and sisters would have to endure here in America. This is where these white people had a plan an executed it with precision. They realize the Native Americans wanted no part of working for them and would kill them if it came down to it. The European indentured servants had the same culture so there wasn’t much hostility there unless they went to live with the Native Americans. Their last option was the Africans because they were far away from their homeland and didn’t speak the same language plus the white people had guns which made it much harder to fight against. The color of their skin played no part in the decision making they were just the less intelligent people at the time. These rich white people wanted to stay rich so not paying for labor is a great way of doing that. Years passed and the Africans got smarter and realized they were being treated terribly by these plantation owners but they couldn’t do much because of lack of weapons. Then the white indentured servants too realized they were being treated just as bad as a whole and they began to link up and revolt. This is when the rich white people and decision makers saw the big problem. They could stop Africans when they revolted on a plantation but they couldn’t stop both them and the Europeans. Therefore, they began to treat the white indentured servants better. In 1705 a law was passed requiring masters to provide white servants whose indenture time was up 10 bushels of corn, 30 shillings, a gun, and 50 acres of land. They made the white servants feel as though they were more important than the African slaves to stop the unity to fight against the real enemy. Thus racism is born.

Fast forward through time and see how important our race has become and how poorly black people are treated in America. Those rich white men took the focus off of the class division and created a whole new monster called racism. Now we fight against racism and inequality and if we win we’ll have a even bigger battle against rich people. Let’s see how this goes. Thank you.


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