Statistics Are Killing Basketball.

The NBA is attempting to be so smart that they are becoming dumb. There are currently new statistics being made up every time I turn to SportsCenter. I am a huge fan of basketball but it kills me when they show a graphic on my tv about Lebron’s Player Efficiency Rating. Why is that even a thing? Stats such as points, rebounds, assist, steals, and blocks should be counted but everything else should just be seen by the fans and the others teams scouting their opponents. The things that create championship teams cannot be found on a stat sheet. They are just the stars lining up correctly such as a key player being injured on another team or the great chemistry created in the offseason during training camp.

Jay-Z once said “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.” Well he was slightly wrong because numbers don’t lie but they definitely don’t tell the whole truth. Statistics can be padded and boosted in the NBA easily. How many times has the the statistically best team in every category won the championship? It rarely happens. Statistics are being talked about so heavily nowadays to make the non-athletic math nerds that couldn’t play basketball but love the game feel special. The Houston Rockets make a lot of their decisions based on analytics and percentages. They haven’t won a championship since I was born in ’95. A person who really enjoys and loves the game of basketball knows what separates the elite from the average are the things that can’t be counted on the stat sheet. There is no stat that can show how bad Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan loves to win. Or a stat to show the special bond players like LeBron James and Magic Johnson make with their teammates to learn where they like to get the ball and how often they need to touch it to play their best. As technology improves this will only get worst so I have mentally prepared myself to avoid looking at these unnecessary stats and just enjoy the moments. I hope you will too. Thank you.


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