The Rap Game and The NBA Are One In The Same.

The similarities in rappers and basketball players are very noticeable to me. I often make these comparisons when I am talking to my friends about the best in both areas. Some players and rappers share similarities when it comes to perfecting their craft and being on the top of their game. Here are some of the obvious comparisons:

LeBron is the best player in the game right now hands down he can do it all from scoring to passing to rebounding. Thats why it is only appropriate to compare him to Drizzy Drake. Drake is the LeBron James of rap. He can do it all from making hit singles to making the deeper records to jumping on remixes with Fetty Wap or Migos and destroying them. People criticize Lebron for not being “clutch” and criticize Drake for being “soft” but they ignore all the great these two have done so far. LeBron is a 4x league MVP and a 2x finals MVP. He is one of the greatest players to ever step foot on a basketball court. Drake’s first four albums (If you consider “If you’re reading this it’s too late” a real album) may be the best four albums in a row since Jay-Z ‘s first four albums. These two are at the top of their games and don’t look like it will be changing any time soon.

The second best player in the NBA is Kevin Durant. He is an assassin, can score at will, and he is pretty much unstoppable. As Stephen A. Smith says “The boy can pull from 30!”. His counterpart in the rap game is KD or K-Dot. Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal rapper some people will even proclaim him as the king of hip-hop. He is lyrically better than Drake in my opinion the way he puts words together is impeccable and I believe KD is a better scorer than LeBron James. But unlike Drake and LeBron KD and K-Dot can’t do it all as equally as good as those two. Whatever Drake touches becomes a hit and LeBron is in his 5th straight finals. Kendrick Lamar has a great album out right now with great messages and Kevin Durant has a finals appearance and a few scoring titles under his belt but they have some time until they reach the level of King James and King Drake.

Speaking of Drake his mentor Lil Wayne has a great counter part in the NBA who goes by the nickname the Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant and Lil Wayne are very similar because their careers started around the same time in the late ’90s. They weren’t the best on their teams, Kobe being behind Shaq and Wayne being behind Juvenile, but we could all see the potential. This is where I find this comparison interesting. Around 2005-2006 is where both of these men begin to ascend into the elite category. Those two years Kobe Bryant was averaging above 30 points a game. Wayne released The Carter 2 in 2005 which was a very solid album and sold more than 250,000 albums its first week. Now in 2008 is where I believe both of these men entered their prime. Kobe won his only league MVP in the 2007-08 and won the finals MVP in the 2008-09 season. If you had a chance to watch Kobe during those couple of years it was nothing less than spectacular. In 2008 Wayne released The Carter 3 which is his best album by far and one of the best albums in the last 15 years. Also he went on a killing spree went it came to jumping on remixes and having the best verse. After those 2 years they both stayed consistent but have faced some difficulty recently. Kobe has been battling injuries for the past couple of years and Wayne is having some trouble with his label, Cash Money, and is attempting to leave. I expect them both to bounce back with Kobe coming back for what may be his final season and Wayne planning to release two albums this year.

Finally my last comparison are the two GOATs (Greatest of All Time). Jay-Z is the Michael Jordan of the rap game. Hands down these are the best two to ever master their crafts. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. The way he changed the game and offered something special every time he stepped foot on the court. I could go on and on about the contributions Mike made to the game to solidify his top spot. Now Jay-Z also known as Hov has mastered hip hop like no other has been able to do with his longevity and consistency with each album. He has the lyrical songs where he can change flows and show his dangerous wordplay. Also, he has songs that will be played on the radio all day long. Hov and Mike are both great business men and created more opportunities because of their greatness in their careers. Both men are well-respected by their peers and have the resume to embrace the title as The Greatest of All Time. Thank you.


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