We The New Slaves.

I wrote about classism a few post ago and this is a similar topic in a way. I’m not referring to slavery as what happened to my ancestors that were traded here centuries ago. But I am referring to the way the lower class has been treated by the upper class for centuries. We’ve been tricked by these powerful people to believe we are getting what we deserve when they raise minimum wage to $8.00. The system is so powerful and calculated I understand why we settle for these jobs. Wu-Tang said it years ago C.R.E.A.M ( Cash Rules Everything Around Me).

The way the system has set up the lower class for failure is amazing. Only 1% of the United States is really wealthy because of their history and family money being passed down. Anyway for centuries they have been keeping their money by not paying their employees what they really deserve. Wal-mart is a billion dollar company and they are paying employees $8.00 an hour to do $100 worth of work. I worked at Panera Bread and made $8.25 an hour. A sandwich at Panera Bread cost about $7.00. I made about 20 sandwiches a hour. Basic math tells you I helped bring in around $140 within that hour and got paid $8.25 before taxes for my work. A 5th grader could tell you something is wrong with that math. This is how people are being treated and are accepting this because they are taught that this is acceptable. Living paycheck to paycheck is a hard situation to get out of and the powers at be know this and thrive off of this. When people get stuck in that way of living they can’t just stop working and go to college. Don’t fall for the few exceptions that the media dangles in front of us to make it seem like every one can do it. People have families to take care of and need every penny to take care of them so don’t fall for that nonsense. And even if they do attempt to go back to school college is not free even with financial aid if you make a certain amount of money you’re not eligible. But the system of capitalism sells us the dream that we can all be successful and wealthy and if we aren’t its because we are lazy and making excuses. This is paid slavery. The rich white people are making a lot more so now we are getting a little bit more to make it seem like they are being fair. They use some of the smartest yet simplest tactics and majority of the people eat this crap up.

The worst part is how they treat poor colored people. We are set up to fail under this system. Prisons aren’t filled with a majority of colored people on accident this was planned. Going back to the war on “drugs” when cocaine mysteriously made its way into poor black communities. This was a planned attack to distribute the drugs then arrest the drug dealers and the rest of the people will die from drug related incidents. The education in poor neighborhoods colored or white is a joke because they set these kids up to go straight to prison. They have used the media so well to brainwash us other 99% that we begin to blame the victim and not the cause of all these problems. They turned the people against each other by using class and race to separate and make one group feel more powerful than the other. Touché wealthy men but people are getting smarter and like Pac said “The ground is going to open up and swallow the evil. The ground is a symbol for the poor people, the poor people is gonna open up this whole world and swallow up the rich people.” Thank you.


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