To Each His Own.

Think about those four words every time you are about to judge somebody who is doing what they want to do. Society made us believe it is okay and cool to judge other peoples lives. People should be allowed to do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn’t harm another person such as murder, rape, or molestation. We as people have this thing where we judge people who are different from us. People make careers out of judging people’s lives like what they wear or what they do in their own personal time.

Recently Bruce Jenner decided that he wanted to live his life as a woman and he said he has been feeling that way for a long time. Who are we to say he can’t be a woman? If it makes him happy he has the right to do whatever he pleases. Him becoming a woman doesn’t effect my life at all so more power to him. But the sad part is that this is being put in the media that he is doing what makes him happy. Thats how messed up our society is. A breaking story is that a person is comfortable with doing something that makes them happy. When I begin to start a judging a person I say to myself “We are equal but we are different.” We are all humans¬†therefore I’m not better than anybody regardless of what I have or what I may not have. As Americans we are taught to judge people based on our own personal standards or beliefs without thinking for a second that we all don’t believe in the same things. It starts in school when we all get graded on the same scale and some kids don’t learn at the same pace as other kids so they get bad grades and we call them stupid. Its a cycle we go through that can be broken because I think my generation and future generations are more accepting as long as you’re a good person. I am hopeful this old way of thinking will die out eventually but let’s try to start the change now. Thank you.


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