Appreciate It For What It Is.

Why must we compare everything and everybody? In every aspect of life we just compare whether it’s music or sports or even our own lives. Most people just can’t appreciate what they have or what they are apart of. When it comes to sports all people do is compare. LeBron scores 40 points the first thing somebody will bring up is Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Why is it so hard for people to just appreciate what he is doing and not compare him to another player? In music people will attempt to make one artist seem better by putting down another artist. Social media has made this problem ten times worst than what it already was. Comparing two different people who do two different things makes absolutely no sense but yet we still seem to be dumb enough to entertain these conversations. The media feeds off of our stupidity to compare our lives to other by showing their version of beauty or wealth to make us feel bad about our own lives and we fall for it every time. This how they get us to spend money on overpriced materialistic things. Notice I say us because I fall for the same crap especially when it comes to clothing or shoes. I paid $200 for a pair of Jordans that I don’t even like trying to fit in. When we get smarter as people and realize that wanting better is not a bad thing but appreciating and being grateful for what you already have is a major part of living a happy life. Thank you.


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