New Niggas.

I don’t really have a definition for the term “new niggas” but it is spreading like a disease. I can only give examples of things new niggas do on social media or in real life. It’s getting bad especially on social media. “New Nigga” ideology is just baffling and scary that people can think without logic or common sense. When I say “new nigga” I’m not only referring to black males this is spreading through many races and females take part in this too. Well to get straight to the examples I will start with social media where I believe this epidemic started. Specifically Twitter is where I can find the highest usage of New Nigga philosophy. “Dickriding” and “Hating” are the most overused words in the New Nigga vocabulary. Dickriding is defined as openly giving praise to a person who you may think deserves it but the masses do not agree with such praise (e.g. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar). New Niggas use the term dickriding to make a person feel bad about openly giving praise to something or someone who you they believe deserves it. People are scared to give compliments on social media because people will say they are “dickriding”. Hating is defined as openly expressing your dislike for something or someone that masses believe deserve praise (e.g. Drake, Jay-Z, or Kobe Bryant). You can no longer have a different or negative opinion about a popular topic according to the “New Nigga” philosophy. Also, New Niggas live their life based on retweets and Instagram likes and will do anything to obtain either one of the two. I’ve witnessed a person make a joke about NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s son dying to get a retweet. Males will also dress up as the opposite sex to “do it for the Vine” and become Vine famous. New niggas will type the most outrageous and disrespectful comments to celebrities in order to get a response and also retweets. If they do happen to get a response they try to apologize to the celebrity and attempt to get a follow back. New niggarism is a disease that cannot be contained as long as social media is still present and popular. Please don’t let this way of thinking affect your real life because these social media sites are not real. Thank you.


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