What Is Life?

My bro Hamz says this to us during some boring times we may have when females aren’t around or there is nothing to do on Xbox but I began to really think about the question. What is life? This question has no one answer but there is a general cliche answer to this. Life is what you make it. It just that simple and easy. Its all a mindset that we must have to learn how to block out the bullshit that comes with life. You have to set your own standards and morals when you are old enough and they might change but find a base to build a great life on. Agree with yourself on what you believe is important and make all decisions based on those principles. Don’t let other peoples beliefs effect how you live your life. Learn as much as possible so you can make decisions on your own and weave through the unnecessary crap people will try to feed you. As people we take life for granted. We take better care of our material things than we do of our own lives. We will protect our shoes and pay hundreds of dollars for our clothing but will only pay a few dollars to put unhealthy processed foods in our body that is killing us. We have a backwards mentality that is taking the priceless value of our lives and putting price tags on them. Being alive is the greatest accomplishment ever we have to first be grateful for that then decide what our purpose is in life. I am a strong believer in “Everything happens for a reason” so when we look back on our lives we will understand why certain events occurred, good or  bad. We have to just make the right decisions about what we want to do with our lives to be happy. Life is not short. It is very long if we appreciate every moment of every day. Thank you.


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