“Stupid Is The New Cool” – Jalen Rose

I am a fan of the “Jalen and Jacoby” podcast on the Grantland channel and in a recent podcast Jalen Rose dropped a gem. “Stupid is the new cool”. This began to make me think about this generation and how true this is for a majority of people. Our society no longer cares to learn the truth or create our own thoughts. In the information age we don’t care to learn the truth about situations or we just want the shock from creating a lie. Once again this is exposed on social media, people will say the most ignorant things about a situation and be congratulated for it. In the “Worldstar” era being stupid is glorified by promoting people fighting for absolutely no reason and millions of people view it. Also, another popular thing in this generation is “reality” tv which is promoting stupidity every week for an hour. Millions of people tune into these shows that show people cursing each other out and fighting over created problems. The popular songs in hip-hop now are the simplest form of the art with lack of lyricism and lack of substance. We no longer care about the truth, we only care if the story is entertaining. There are companies that make money from creating false stories about people lives to entertain people. When it comes to females in our generation they don’t even have to have a talent to be considered famous they just have to look good. Females become famous from being Instagram models and having thousands retweets. We don’t expect females to be intelligent or have strong morals. Everyone doesn’t think like this but this is the popular mindset in our society. We no longer care about truth if it is not entertaining. Thank you.


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