America: Selling Dreams Since 1492

I honestly don’t know where to start with this country. It was built on lies, corruption, and greed. Money controls everything in this country from top to bottom. Our media outlets are controlled by these people to brainwash the American population. The Government is controlled by wealthy funders who only care about their money and make choices that will keep them rich. Our voting system is nothing but a popularity contest to make us lower class people seem like we have some sort of freedom by choosing a president. The two options we get are not what’s best for us but whats best for the elite of the country. America wants to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. We gave these select few people too much power.

Majority of companies are owned by the same corporations. The two brands that seem like they are competing against each other are most likely owned by the same person. In high school I was taught that the capitalism system we use is the best and most effective system for our economy. It gives us the idea that if an individual works hard enough he or she can be one of these elite and wealthy business men or women. However, what they didn’t teach me in high school was that it is impossible to move into the elite class unless you are related to one of these wealthy white men. We can work hard and become rich but wealthy is damn near impossible. The richer we become the wealthier these elite white men become so they win regardless. They also control the education system from kindergarten through college. That includes HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) too. Brainwashing at its finest.

Most people believe the government would never lie to its people and has our best interest in mind but they only care about power. It’s hard being a lower class citizen in this country but the darker your skin color gets the harder life gets. There is another layer of difficulty added to people of color. We were enslaved then set free with no help from our oppressor. Then segregated and received no reparations for our years of unpaid labor. Even after segregation was legally banned we are treated as less than human. Police treat us as if we are animals. America has been stealing black culture and capitalizing from it for decades. Lack of funding in primary black communities for schools and community centers. They do this because they know the results. Which is an increase in crimes which leads to arrest. When these young black men get arrested they go to prison. Which are also owned by these wealthy white men. If one of these people get out of prison they are blackballed from society. If you have a felony on record it is nearly impossible to get a job and you are banned from receiving financial aid, food stamps, public housing, and welfare. It is a never ending cycle in America that has yet to be broken. The optimist in me says “stay and be apart of the change.” But the realist in me says “save up and move to Canada.” Thank you.


2 thoughts on “America: Selling Dreams Since 1492

  1. Wow! this is an amazing opportunity to read the thoughts of a very intelligent person. The fact that you are young, black and very eloquent is a bonus. I am an old, white woman that lives in Canada and have watched so much of what you describe over the years. It breaks ones heart to witness, and even more sad is that a lot of what you say is absolutely true.
    There is hope however.
    You can be a catalyst for change, via this blog, and perhaps further your writing into book form?
    Thing is this…
    1. You mention a couple of times that you are in a “lower class” so in your mind and your peers you must stop this immediately…you are what you believe…
    2. I think you probably know that the birthplace of humanity began in Africa…we are all “black” some of us are just bleached out by the climates that our ancestors found themselves in as they trekked north!
    Hold your head high. Black is beautiful, believe it, know it and claim it.
    Congratulations on your awesome blog!


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