My Audience.

The world is my audience. Writing these post are apart of my life journey and I want people from all over the world to read them. If one of my post could help a person get through a tough time in their life I served my purpose. I want to share my ideas with people who think the same as me and with people who may think differently. Different perspectives will help me understand people better. I don’t want to preach to people because I am no better than anybody. I just share my positive insights and how I deal with different situations. I want people older than me to read and give me feedback because of the wisdom they have gained over the years. I also want people younger than me to read it to share some of my wisdom. I want people of different races and genders to read my post so they can understand what my people are going through. Then from there we can exchange opinions and viewpoints. I want black males to read my post that share my thoughts or who think differently than me. I have learned a lot at my young age and I am continuing to learn everyday so it is my responsibility to share my knowledge. I want to share a video of one of my mentors, Tupac Shakur, he is one of the reasons I believe I can help change the world. Enjoy


One thought on “My Audience.

  1. “The world is my audience.” Now THAT is a winning phrase.
    You definitely have a strong presence with how your express yourself. A big dream which I am sure you can accomplish. Really eye-opening views you have, and great ability of being concise. Kudos mate.


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