The Perfect Woman.

I have this picture of my perfect girlfriend. She is beautiful with or without makeup on. She is smart and can think for herself. She is funny and can joke about things with me. She has a positive mind and can handle herself during tough times. She is confident in her actions and thoughts. As I write these things I begin to realize I want to date the female version of myself. Is that considered being narcissistic? I am a strong feelings guy and can sense a real genuine connection. I have dated a girl that was the opposite of me and it lasted a year and a few months. It was like Martin and Gina. I always believed if “Martin” was real he would have been with Pam instead of Gina because they had so many similarities. How can you be your complete self with someone who doesn’t think the same as you? I loved the girl I was with but I couldn’t be with her because of the differences. I didn’t feel that she had the things I was looking for. I tried to make myself believe she had those things but I couldn’t do it any more. She is great person but she wasn’t right for me. I’m only 19 so I’m sure I’ll meet many woman during my life but will I meet the right one. Maybe as I get older my view on this will change but for now I will remain single. Thank you.


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