When Will It Stop?

When will we stop killing each other? Isn’t already hard enough being a black male in society why add more difficulty? Why do we glorify killing each other? Why don’t we protest when we kill each other? How can you say black live matter then kill another black person? Why don’t we value our lives? Why is it becoming normal for us to kill each other? Why do we get so upset at police and racist white people for killing us but don’t make an uproar about us killing each other? I’m from Baltimore, Maryland where Freddie Gray was killed by evil police officers. I witnessed us riot and come together for a cause. It was beautiful. But right after that there was 43 homicides. Not a single “activist” was on CNN trying to stop and talk about that. The entire United States is against the growth of the black man and now we are helping in the mass destruction. I don’t need stats to support my claims I was born with 20/20 vision. I know we have a huge disadvantage because of the “Man”. But one of my Gods Malcolm X taught me to not look for the people that oppressed us to help us overcome oppression. We have to be the change we want to see in this world. We have to love one another and stop fighting against each other and fight for each other. We can achieve much more if we didn’t have to worry about fighting two battles instead of one. Thank you.


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