If There Is A God.

Does God exist? I’ve been back and forth with this thought and I can’t come to a conclusion. I want to believe there is a higher power but it doesn’t make sense. It gives us hope that something better will come. Which is the worse thing we can have. If we have hope that something will change we will no longer try to change it ourselves. I don’t want to disrespect anyones religious beliefs. If there is a God he or she wouldn’t put people on this earth with all these problems that they couldn’t fix themselves. We look to God to fix our problems instead of thinking he or she gave us all the weapons we need to solve our own problems. Prayer without action is like wanting to get better without actually working for it. Another problem with believing in God is that there are many evil people who claim they are doing God’s work. I can’t fathom the thought that such a holy figure would want these evil actions to be done in his name. How do innocent people die in such horrible ways but there are murderers and rapist still breathing? Some things don’t make sense to me. If God is real he owes me some explanations about the horrible things that happen in our world. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “If There Is A God.

  1. Wonderful thoughts about God. You know, I myself have questioned this too and here’s what I’ve come to think: If there is a higher power (which I believe there is), then he or she is taking a backseat to what happening in the world. What I mean is that he or she is acknowledging that all these things are happening but then he or she is not necessarily going to jump in and act as the final decider since we as humans are capable of doing so.
    Sure, why do good people get hurt and bad people get away with evil deeds? No one fully understands but then again, lots of things in life are relative. A man is deemed evil but he believes he’s doing good. So is he doing good or bad? It’s all relative to who you ask.
    Honestly, we as humans simply need to be better people all around. We need less narcissism, pessimism, and arrogance, and more benevolence, acceptance, and people eager to understand the world around them (scientists if you’d rather call them that.)
    To close, if God does exist, we won’t know until the unexplainable occurs on such a large scale that it is undeniable to all of humanity OR until we pass from this life. Until then, all we can do is try and be better people. That’s all.

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