What Matters?

I sit back and observe our society and think to myself, “What matters anymore?”. Feels like we have lost our morals and standards. The only principles we live by are “making money” and “getting attention”. Nothing else matters to us anymore. As long as we can get paid for it or can become famous from it we will do it. Reality shows are the perfect example. On these shows people make themselves look like complete idiots. Fighting and cursing at each other for a small amount of money and some popularity on social media. These people put their personal business on these shows for attention. We don’t even value the truth anymore. There are many websites and magazines that are popular because of making up stories about celebrities. We just accept that as a part of the business. Every week there is a new lie about a “famous” person. We don’t care as long as it is entertaining. I can’t think of anything that has morals or a set of standards that people follow anymore.

In the black community we are losing our self-respect and love for one another. I read about decades ago when we would protect each other and care for the well-being of one another. Now we just fight each other and put each other down. Decades ago when there where even fewer opportunities in America for colored people we still always had each other but those days are long gone. Does our history even matter anymore? We do all these things that are just disrespectful to the people who fought for us to get the little bit of freedom we have. We no longer have morals as a whole. I’m sure there are standards within our families that we follow and live by but we need better than that as a country. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “What Matters?

  1. Hi Kevin!

    I agree with what you said in your post.

    As a mother, I strive to pass on {the values I learned from my mother and grandmother} to my children because I think it’s important to do so. I believe that a bit more of the past gets lost with every future generation and if we don’t do something about it soon, we will lose so much that made the past so great.

    There was a true sense of community where I grew up; people helped each other and looked out for each other’s kids. Kids knew what was expected back then and we didn’t push the boundaries too far because we knew what followed after “the look” from our parents.

    Entertainment isn’t what it used to be. We had 6 channels of quality T.V. and didn’t mind that T.V. wasn’t a round-the-clock broadcast. Now, it’s all about shock-value and no dignity whatsoever.

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. I have my good reasons to trust Universal Intelligence to know what it is doing; like you are describing your perplexities and regrets here, I have spent the biggest part of my life suffering for what I perceived as decadence and decay – now, not anymore.
    If we are going through chaotic times since a while, it is to learn, choose, know better, question, understand, forgive, grow and evolve. But this time around, grow as independent and knowledgeable being capable of own decisions, and not because someone else put some pressure on us: family, school, society, religion.

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  3. You pose a valid question. What DOES matter? That totally depends on the person. There are many people in the world who value money more than people. The opposite exists as well. I feel the the latter is a better standard than the first but that is just one man’s opinion.
    As far as the black community goes, I believe that it will get better although it is true that we have lost some sense of our history. Still, the best that we as single people can do is start a conversation. People like to talk and they are more affected by face-to-face than face-to-screen. Believe that it can become better and change will inevitably come.


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