Live Life Like A Movie.

A few years ago I began to have this thought in my head when something crazy happened in my life. I would think “this is going to make a great movie one day”. Now I realize the positivity I can pull from this. There are always down points in great movies where the audience wonders how the character is going to bounce back. In life we are going to have these moments or periods where we may be down and things don’t go the way we want. But we have to make the best out of every day we are alive and breathing.

My favorite movies all have these moments where everything that can possibly go wrong goes wrong. One of my favorite movies is “The Pursuit Of Happiness”. In this movie Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a middle-aged working man, who invest in bone density scanners and he has to sell them to make a living. He has a wife and a young son. His wife gets tired of dealing with the living conditions, stress of working her job, and worrying about her husband selling these machines. So she leaves her son and husband to live with her sister in New York. Now Chris has to take care of him and his son by selling these machines. Then he decides to do an free internship as a stockbroker. This man was determined to create something great for him and his son and made no excuses. Oh, I almost forgot this man lost his house because he couldn’t pay the rent. Then moved to a motel and got kicked out of that because he was late on the payments again. At one point him and his son were sleeping in a bathroom then at a homeless shelter. In my mind I’m thinking there is no way he can get out of this situation but he never gave up. He took every opportunity to study for that stockbroker exam to be picked by the firm from the group of interns. He did everything he could and was rewarded with the stockbroker job.

My point is there are always dark and low points in life we will get through them if we work hard. The greatest movies have them and that’s what makes them great. Think about some of your favorite movies and how bad things happen to the good characters. They remained good and the genuinely good people always win. Don’t ever give up. Your life could make a great movie one day that can inspire many to never give up. Thank you.


One thought on “Live Life Like A Movie.

  1. I really liked this movie, too! Will Smith knows how to pic which movies he’ll star in. In fact, his is a great mind, too, when you talked about Great Minds. And this movie shows how the free market, also known as capitalism, is an equalizer.


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