The Triangle Offense.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Get it Out of My Head.”

I love the game of basketball and the beauty of it. I fell in love with it at a young age and became an avid studier of the game. I can watch, play, or read about basketball all day. As I got older began studying the greats of the game such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I became obsessed with watching them play and the similarities in their games. Then I wanted to know how they thought and want mindset they had before and during games. The passion they have for the game is unique and not seen often because they will put their all into the game of basketball to be the best. That is part of the reason Michael Jordan was a part of six championship teams and Kobe Bryant was a part of five.

Now the men that helped get those 11 combined championships are Phil Jackson and Tex Winter. These two men implemented  the triangle offense into the 1990’s Bulls with Michael and the 2000’s Lakers with Kobe Bryant. I noticed this than instantly had to learn about this Triangle offense and what made it so great.

The beauty of the Triangle is that there are so many options and choices for each player to make it.


In the picture above of the Los Angeles Lakers the ball is thrown into the mid post player by the wing player or from the corner shooter. After that pass is made the corner shooter and the wing player both cut to the opposite side of the court where they can create another triangle or use some ball screens to free the pinch post player. Or the mid post player can attempt to score the basketball if there is a one on one match up. Or the win can set a pick for the corner shooter to create a open shot for him. Or if the mid post is not open the wing can pass to the top of key player who can call for a pick and roll or pass to the pinch post player. There are unlimited options on how to score the ball in this offense and this is why I became obsessed with it.


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