Black America.

What needs to happen is change. My people. Black people. We have to create our own change. I have recently seen video of a a black woman, Sandra Bland, be violated of her rights granted by the constitution. Over and over again the police mistreat us and we march and we demand change from people who will not give it to us. I need us to stop looking and waiting for this imaginary change to come from a government that could care less about us. We were brought here to do free labor our purpose was to never be treated equally. But we have to come to the realization that we no longer need these people’s approval or stamp to validate our existence. We are smarter than this.

“Integration was worst than segregation” – David Banner. Integration is the worst thing since slavery to happen to my people. We as black people no longer have self love. We are taught to hate everything about ourselves. We have been taught to do everything for white people’s approval. We want to be accepted by this white society and teach our kids to behave in certain ways so they can make white people happy. The love we once had for our own culture has damn near vanished. We don’t look after each other as we once did. We don’t care about our past and value where we came from. We don’t educate ourselves about our real history. We believe the crap they tell us in the classroom that make the white man seem innocent and teach us to forgive him.

Black people have began to study the white man and are beginning to treat each other like the white man has treated us and other people for centuries. We are taking the anger out on our own people by killing each other and tearing each other down. We have began to become capitalist like the white man and it doesn’t help our people. We gain money and forget where we come from and who we are. We only use where we came from to gain money and popularity. The white man has let us become a part of this evil economic system and it has not helped us as people. It separates us and makes one group people feel as though they are more important than the other. The color of the money in our wallets will not change America’s hatred toward the color of our skin.

What we need to do is rely on ourselves. Love one another. We need leaders to build up the communities we live in. We need to police our own communities to stop police brutality. We need to educate our children on the real history and tell them truth about this country. We need to have our own stores and own goods to start a black economic system. Not like the white mans economy. One with care and that doesn’t put money over a individuals life. We shall no longer fight in the white mans wars. We should build ourselves so we will no longer have to beg for the white mans sympathy and approval. The white man will only be accepted when they pay what they owe and then one day we may be able to start a partnership. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Black America.

  1. Again, great thoughts. No man has any right to do harm to another. Makes me ashamed to be white. Blacks are very powerful, a strong and proud and vital part of the human race. Don’t forget that many white men and women too, feel threatened by the blacks and thus the treatment ensues, year after sickening year.
    I believe that in time, blacks will rise up and reclaim all of their rights without exception…never give up…but remember, always, always take the high road. Taking the high road means you will never be a victim, always a leader.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughtfulness.

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    1. I like your reply. I agree so much with your thoughts….Integration started when I was very young. So I had one foot in the pre-integration world. And the blacks I learned to love were very self-loving, kind, hard-working, and spiritual people. And that was my thoughts towards them for years and years….then fast forward to the past 10 years or so. WOW, as you said, blacks killing blacks, etc.
      We have a very smart black president, but to me, he seems to stir the pot rather than try to bring us together as a nation, where it is more black against white and white against black. I am close to too many blacks, through church and our own mixed marriage in our family, to want to see a black economy and a white economy. One thing I did learn in college was about the “free market” and it works. The government should only help us live safe and secure lives. The Church and families should then help the individuals through tough times, support each other, work together as a “community” like it was in the “old days” or before government became so big and all encompassing.
      Anyway, just a few random thoughts from an old white women, who acts and lives like she’s still young….
      I love your thought processes and look forward to watching your blogging grow….Just think about love and loving this life we are given and how can we pass it along?
      And to quote Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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      1. You are what you believe. If you believe you are young, that you are…anyway young as you are you seem like an “old soul” to me (that is the highest of compliments from me to you)
        As an introvert, hermit artist with a job, I yearn for people to interact with that are thinkers and gentle folk. I love the “free market” you describe…yes, the government is definitely not going to teach us how to love one another!
        Kevin is a great blog to watch as he represents the future…I read it when I can and really appreciate his words, I feel his pain…if he survives his plight he will become a great writer.
        Thanks Deb!


  2. Dear Friend
    I live in India, a country which was ruled by the British people for 150 years. And we were treated as slaves and second class citizens in our own nation. After so many years of being ruled, our minds are now conditioned to seek an approval of the White man sitting in the west over anything and everything. It is an extremely sad scenario but a true one where we are now born with an inbuilt “inferiority complex” because of our skin color.
    So when i read your post i felt a strong sense of connect.
    I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. And even though i do not share the same skin color as you i stand by you in your fight!!

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