America: The Greatest Country That Never Existed

I live in the land of opportunity and the land of limitations. I live in the United Stated of America but the land is divided by people with different skin tones. A country where I am granted the right to peace and tranquility but I have to look over my shoulder because I’m not sure if somebody just got a gun in my neighborhood. I live in a country where I take my hat off to pay homage to the red, white, and blue flag but I can’t move my hands when I see red, white, and blue lights in my rear view mirror or I’ll end up a trending topic on social media. This country was founded on hard work and sacrifice yet the people who worked the hardest and sacrificed the most were rewarded with project housing and infected drinking water. I was born in a country where its easy to become rich but the people who matter the most can barely afford to pay their rent. I live in a country where there are medicines and prescriptions to deal with pain but prisons and detention centers for black males who distribute drugs to deal with our pain. I live in a country where we strive to accumulate wealth but shun college athletes for wanting to be paid a salary. I live in the greatest country that never existed.


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